Can’t See Moments on WeChat

After new update, there are some problems have occurred with WeChat. One of these problems is users can’t see moments on the application. If you are having similar problem with the application, you can get some solutions on here and you can see your friends moments again. This error is occurring on Android mobiles generally. However if you have another OS, you can try these solutions again with similar strategies.

How to Fix Error

If you would like to fix this error, you will need a file manager. you can also use your devices file manager too. Then you should uninstall application. If you don’t want to get WeChat -24 error, you will need to get rid of remained files of the application. Enter your file manager and find out files that remained from WeChat.

If there’s any, so there won’t be any problem for you. If you find some files, clear them. Restart your phone. After you start your mobile or tablet, enter Google Play, download and install WeChat again. Now you can see moments of your friends. If it didn’t fix your problem, you can uninstall newest update and use old version.

Step by Step 1-)

  • Install a file manager or if you have already a file manager on your device you won’t need one.
  • Uninstall WeChat from your iPhone.
  • Open file manager and take a look at your files if any WeChat files remained.
  • If there are some files, remove them at all.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Go Google Play, download and reinstall WeChat.

Step by Step 2-)

  • Go to settings of your phone.
  • Select general from settings.
  • You will see App Manager on the options. Select it.
  • Select WeChat application from menu.
  • Click on uninstall updates.

You can resolve this issue one of these ways.  We recommend you to restart your mobile after you are done with solutions. Have fun.

Can’t See Moments on WeChat – Questions and Answers

Pictures Does not Show Up in Wechat Moments on Vivo


I am using Vivo and there are no pictures on Moments feature of WeChat at the moment. Can you help me about that? How can I fix the problem?


Hello, you can fix this problem with a few steps. Please don’t forget to restart your phone at the end of every steps and run WeChat and check moments again. We will tell you that restart is not needed for some steps below.

Step 1-)

Firstly we should start to try fix that problem with cleaning caches and data of your app.
Go to Settings > Applications > WeChat > Clean Cache and Clean Data
You don’t need a restart for your device for this step.

Step 2-) 

You need to clear cached data for this step. This is almost same for Android device.
Settings > Storage > Clear Cached Data > Restart your device

Step 3-) 
Try logout and login to WeChat and check moments again.
You don’t need to restart your device for this.

Step 4-)
If you don’t have a file manager on your device, install one from Google Play. We recommend ES File Explorer File Manager, click here to download it.


Check your files and ensure that tencent/MicroMsg directory exists on your phone’s Android file system. If it doesn’t log out from WeChat. Restart your Vivo phone and log in to WeChat again.

Step 5-) If step 4 couldn’t resolve your problem or tencent/MicroMsg already exists, then you should do the following. Firstly log out of your WeChat account, delete tencent/MicroMsg directory from your phone. Restart your device and login to WeChat.


People Can’t See My Posts on WeChat Moments, How to Fix?


People can’t see my post after I post in moment and my setting is for all… How can I solve this problem?


Welcome to How to Chat Online and thank you for the nice question. We have moved your question to our Q&A service. So if we need to update your question, we can keep track it. Since we don’t know about what OS you are using, we will provide both Android and iOS on here. You will need to do following things to solve this problem on your phone.

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Solutions for Android Phone (Please swipe down to Solutions for iPhone if you are using an iOS device)

Solution 1 – Clear Cache and Data:

It seems this problem doesn’t occur because of settings of the WeChat, also it is not about your phone since you have already told that your post setting is public. The easiest way to get rid of such problems is clearing cache and data on Android phones. If you don’t know how to clear cache and data of an application on your phone do the following:

Settings > Apps > WeChat > Storage > Tap Clear Cache – Clear Data buttons > Restart your Android Phone.

If you are using an older version of Android OS:

Settings > Applications > Application Manager > WeChat > Tap Clear Cache – Clear Data buttons > Restart Phone.

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Solution 2 – Reinstall Application

If solution 1 didn’t work for you, you can do reinstall WeChat. You will need to do following steps to reinstall the app:

1-) Clear Cache and Data of WeChat as we have mentioned at solution 1 above.

2-) Tap and hold WeChat icon on your phone until the menu appears on your screen.

3-) Tap uninstall from the menu.

4-) Go to Play Store and download and install the application again.

Solution 3 – Use the Official Release

If solution 1 and 2 didn’t work for you, this is our the last solution for fixing this problem.

1-) Uninstall the WeChat from your Android Phone.

2-) Settings > Lock screen and security > Enable “Unknown sources”

3-) Click here to go to official webpage of WeChat.

4-) Tap on Download for Android button and select “Direct Download”.

5-) Wait for download and install the application to your phone.

All these steps didn’t work, what should I do?

You will need to contact WeChat about this problem since it is not a problem that can be fixed with technical solutions. It is highly likely that, there is a problem with the version of the application. Click here to go to WeChat support and fill all forms correctly.

Solutions for iPhone and other iOS devices (If you are using Android, please swipe up to Solutions for Android Phone)

Unfortunately there is not much option for you if you are using an iPhone or another iOS device. You can only reinstall device. To reinstall WeChat on an iOS device, you will need to do following:

Tap and hold on WeChat icon until you see the “x” option on the icon > Tap “x” to remove application > Restart your iOS device > Go to App Store > Search WeChat > Download and Install WeChat

If it didn’t work for you you will need to contact WeChat as we have mentioned above: How to Contact WeChat Support

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  • August 21, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    I’m experiencing the same issue on iOS. Moments wouldn’t show to newly added friends while they have full permissions. Extremely frustrated. Contacted Wechat support couple days ago but heard nothing.
    Tried solution provided here but it didn’t work for me (when I delete wechat, it only gives me option to download it or sync from icloud when downloading it again, however I never installed it anywhere else)
    If anyone knows of a working solution for IOS please post here.

  • December 15, 2017 at 11:44 am

    People can’t see my post after I post in moment and my setting is for all.. How can I solve this problem?

  • October 3, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Wechat no picture to moments in Vivo,any one can help me please

  • November 22, 2016 at 6:50 am

    wechat cannot load picture in huawei, any one can help me please


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