Can not Send Messages on WhatsApp

People may face with different errors in WhatsApp. If you can not send messages to your friends with this application, you will find some solutions here for iOS and Android. If you have any questions about this problem, you can ask here via commenting this page. There are a few reasons that you can’t send messages on WhatsApp. These are poor network connection, using the unofficial version of WhatsApp and outdated application. This error generally  occurs because of poor network connection. Calling feature also doesn’t work if you have this problem or you won’t able to hear others voice clear. Let us tell you how to get rid of these errors.

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Can not Send Messages to My Friends on WhatsApp, What to Do?

There are various reasons of this problem. You can try following steps the get rid of this problem:

  • Did you download the application from unofficial websites or resources? If you are sure that you haven’t downloaded it on website of WhatsApp, App Store or Google Play, please download it from official resources. You will need to reinstall WhatsApp for that.
  • Is your application outdated? If you are not sure about that. You will need to go to App Store to check updates for iOS. If WhatsApp needs any update, please do it. For Android, you need to go to Google Play and search for WhatsApp. If you see any update button on the download page, please do it.
  •  This problem may occur because of the poor network connection. This is the most common problem of WhatsApp users. Try to change your network, if you have any alternative connection.

Can not Send Messages on WhatsApp


If you still can’t fix the problem with the steps we have showed you above, you will need to contact WhatsApp support. WhatsApp support generally fix such bugs or problems with the new update. If you even report an error to the support, we recommend you to be patient.

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