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If you can’t receive any messages on WeChat from your friends, it seem you have a problem with your account or your friend is having problem. However it’s highly likely that a bug because of the application and you don’t have much to do with that. If you think that this problem occurs because of your account, you can try uninstall recent updates from the app. If removing updates will cause you to not to use the application at all, install update again. You can try our alternative steps on here. That will be quite easy for you.  Let’s tell you what to do if you can’t receive messages on the application.

I Can’t Receive Messages from Anyone on WeChat! What Should I Do?

This problem may occur because of a bug. Firstly we recommend you to contact to WeChat Support for that. However that will take some time, may be you will even need to wait for a new update. So you can also try alternative ways while you wait respond from WeChat team.

You can try reinstall WeChat app for your Android or iPhone device, if you can’t receive any messages. Alternatively you can also try update your profile.



  1. Hello,
    A friend of mine connected me via WhatsApp and he has told me he sent several messages to me via WeChat. However I couldn’t receive anything. I contacted WeChat about this problem 17 days ago but I couldn’t receive anything yet about the situation. Can you please help me?


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