Can not Block Someone on WhatsApp

Do you block someone but he/she keeps messaging you through WhatsApp? Or you are getting error while you want to block someone in the application? Each problems have different reasons and we are going to tell you why you can’t block someone on this page. We hope that our solutions are going to work for you. However if someone is messaging you, after you block him/her, it won’t be easy for you to block this contact. There is a trick about that and we will also tell this for you on here.

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I Keep Getting Messages From the Person I Blocked on WhatsApp! Why?

If you are getting messages from a contact that you have blocked, there is only reason of it. The person you have blocked is keep deleting and creating new WhatsApp account on his/her phone, and WhatsApp removing his phone automatically from your blocked list. That is why you are getting message from him. Unfortunately there is nothing to do about that. If you would like to do not talk this contact, you will need to persuade. This can be hard for you but it worth if you do it.

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I am Getting Error While Trying to Block Someone

This issue may happen because of the broken files and unofficial version of the application or you will need to update WhatsApp.

  1. If you think that your files has broken because of a malware application, you will need to uninstall the WhatsApp application and reinstall it to your device. You can click here to learn more about reinstalling.
  2. If you haven’t download the application from official resources, you will need a reinstall action again.
  3. Are you sure you have blocked the contact correctly? Please check our step by step WhatsApp blocking guide.
  4. If you are using outdated version of the application, go to Google Play or App Store and check if there is any new version and download the update.
  5. If you couldn’t fix the problem yet, contact WhatsApp.

Can not Block Someone on WhatsApp – Questions & Answers

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Block Someone to See My WhatsApp Status Updates on iPhone 8


I do not want someone to see my status updates on WhatsApp. Using iPhone 8, how can I block someone in my phone or do I able to do that at all? I will appreciate any help about this situation. Thank you!


Hello Sumit Wesley,
Welcome to How to Chat Online and thank you for asking on How to Chat Online Q&A service. Yes you can do that and we have written an article for your trouble to our website. You can click here to learn about privacy settings of status updates of WhatsApp. Let’s tell you how to block someone to see your status updates for your iPhone 8 device in here too.

Run WhatsApp on Your iPhone > Tap on Status (You will see Status bottom main menu of Whatsapp) > Tap on Privacy (You will see the Privacy after you tap on Status. Located top left) > Tap on My Contacts Except > Select the person who you want to block on the contact list. > Finally Tap on Done

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