What is Happn?

Happn is an application that emerged in France and later spread to Europe, and you will make new friendships by matching with the people you cross paths according to your location. In this application, where you send likes and messages to people who interest you, users will only see the points you cross, not your location. This is an amazing application that is almost as popular as tinder lately.

How to use?

The Happn app is downloaded to your device via the play store or app store, and then you sign up using Facebook, Google or your phone number to log in to the app. Then you have to accept the terms of use. You can then approve the app’s permission to access your device. If you do not want to approve these access permissions, you come to the box that says ‘set’ and tap the ‘deny’ option. Then you write your name, enter your date of birth, and specify your gender, respectively. After these steps, you add at least one of your photos to the Happn application. So you can start using your Happn account.

When the creation of your account is completed, you will first see the question ‘What are you looking for on Happn?’. Among the options here are ‘love relationship, I’m not looking for seriousness and let’s wait and see’. You can choose one of them or proceed by touching the ‘skip’ text you see in the upper right.

The most important part for this application is that you need to approve the permission to access your location. After this step, the app will ask to share your location. In this way, you will be able to see the Happn users you cross paths with.

What are the advantages of using happn?

Installing and registering this application is very simple. Also, you can constantly update your algorithm with different questions that come up from time to time, and you can meet people who will be compatible with you. Meeting in-app is a great advantage, you know what someone does for a living, you learn what they like and what you have in common. they can make them much more attractive and more importantly give you an idea of what you have in common. Remember, this app is trying to find the perfect person for you by using both your location and personal information.

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