Wechat Account is Blocked Due to Prolonged Inactivity

You didn’t use your WeChat account more than a year and you had the problem with logging in to your account. It is highly likely that your account has blocked due to prolonged inactivity. Do you need your account again? Actually you don’t have much to do with this problem at all. Since you haven’t use your account for a long time, WeChat team may block your account permanently. So you won’t able to use your account once more. If you have important contacts, you can try to take it back through contact to WeChat support but they may reject your request. However if you still want to give a try for getting your WeChat account back, you can contact the developers. You can also take a look at our guideline for how to unlock an account.

How to Get an Account Which is Blocked Due to Prolonged Inactivity

It won’t be easy for you to get your account back however if you still want to give a try this, you can click here to go to support page and do the following steps:

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  • Select your related platform from the options.
  • Select “Inquiry” from categories section.
  • Then select “My Account > Profile” section from right selection.
  • Select a date for “Date of Occurrence”
  • Tell about your problem in description. Please try to write a detailed information and please be kind. Being kind will always help you.
  • Then you should wait for the answer of developers but we recommend you to do not expect much from this.

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