United Arab Emirates Chat Apps for Android

United Arab Emirates Chat Apps for AndroidWe just found some good applications for you if you would like to chat with people from United Arab Emirates with your Samsung or other Android devices. You will able to get more information about these applications on our pages in the future. We are going to give you basic information about them and you will able to get download links of these apps on this page. If you would like to download one of these applications, we recommend you to take a look at user comments first and take a look at minimum requirement of the app. If you think that the app is suitable for you, then feel free to download it. Let’s talk about Emirati chat apps for you.

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Chat Apps for UAE on Google Play Store

دردشة الامارات

This application is one of the most famous applications in United Arab Emirates. There are different kind of chat rooms in the application. There is also nearby chat feature. You will able to learn who is near of you and talk to her/him instantly. The application is free and you don’t need to pay for that at all. You can also chat with people from other Arab countries too.

Update: This App is Not Available on Play Store Now!

شات ودردشة الامارات

This is another Arab application where you can meet people and chat with them instantly. You will able to meet people from Arabic Peninsula on this chat platform. There are many people from Syria, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine and Oman.

This Application is not Available on Play Store Now

شات عيون الإمارات

Chat room based application where you can meet girls and guys from United Arab Emirates. You don’t need to register for the application. You can meet people from other Arab countries on this app.  You can chat with people on chat rooms and send them private messages.

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شات الامارات ومصر

It is an application which has been built for Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. You can download this application freely from Play Store of Google.

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