Paltalk: Video Chat Room Application for Android

We generally looking for a free application that we can download to our devices from Play Store. Some of these apps became a paid application after some time, some are very limited. If you would like to chat with people on chat room and on a private message service, Paltalk will be a good option for you. There are also some negatives of the application.

We will also mention about these negatives and positives of the application on this page. Paltalk is free and it is very easy to use. You can use your microphone and camera while you are talking to people on the application.

How to Use Paltalk

1-) Click here to download Paltalk from Google Play Store.

2-) Install and run the application on your device.

3-) Tap on square button of the application. You can see the location of the button at below.

4-) Now you will need to select a subject or a location for chatting with a people from certain country or chatting with people on a certain subject and tap one of these categories that will appear on your screen.

5-) When you make your selection, you will meet chat rooms which is based on the category. You can find dating options on Friends, Love and Romance category. You will find geographical chat rooms on United States & Canada, Europe or Middle East, etc. We have selected United States and Canada for the example. Since we have selected it, we will be redirect to geographical sub categories.

6-) When you pick geography based chat rooms, we recommend you to pick crowded regions as category. (Like NY, California, Texas, etc.) We selected Texas in our example. Tap on Texas.

7-) Select one of those rooms and begin to chat with people on the chat room and with the private message system of the application. Let’s show you how to do that too.

How to Write, Talk, Video to Channel on Paltalk

You will need to do all 7 steps above and you will be in a channel. You will need to do following steps to write to a channel on the application.

1-) Type your message at the box at the bottom of the application. (You will already see a “Message” text there)

2-) If you would like to send a video to your friend or a relative, you can touch on camera icon on the chat.

3-) You can use the microphone icon to talk to people on the chat room. Microphone icon just near of the camera which is located very close.

How to Start a Private Chat

1-) To start a private chat with someone on Paltalk, you will need to click on this icon  on the application page. 

2-) You will see a list of users after you click on the button which I have already mentioned. Select one of these users and tap one.

3-) Tap on Send Message. Write your message send it to him/her.

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