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MeetMe is a good chat application which you can meet people from different countries. The idea of the application is coming from the official webpage of MeetMe. This chat application is also a good dating chat app. More than 10 million people has installed this application and average rating of application is pretty high at the moment. If you are looking for a dating chat application with a social network feature, we recommend MeetMe app for you!

MeetMe is a good and reliable dating chat and social network application. However there are not many features on it since it’s a dating chat platform. It’s very good meet new people however there are lack of many features on the application. The application is free to use, however there are paid products and features on the app. You can still try it free on your mobile and use any feature of the site almost freely!


  • You don’t need paid products at all for meet people. You can use all features freely. Paid products are helping people to notice you on the app.
  • With “Match” feature, you can filter genders and seek for people on the site. It will be generally people who are living in the same country with you. You can send private messages to people, you can admire them and send some gifts.
  • Locals feature of the MeetMe will help you to use filters and it will help you to find people who are living around of you.
  • You can find an ideal answer to your questions with Ask Me feature. Ask Me feature is a good thing if you would like to ask question to your dating opportunities.
  • On blind date feature you are selecting 4 partners and you will need to answer their questions on the application. If you give correct answers, you are going to match with people you have selected.
  • There’s also an old Facebook game which is called Owned on MeetMe app.
  • You can send and receive free messages from people.
  • You can online chat with people.
  • There’s an app for every mobile OS.
  • Setting your profile won’t take your time too much.
  • There are various language supports.


  1. Pictures are not moderated and many people violate terms with the pictures they upload on the site.
  2. No video messages, voice messages.
  3. Some features supposed to be international but they are local.
  4. No video calling or audio calling.
  5. Privacy options with paying.
  6. Picture and status shares can be abused when you upload them publicly.

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