Facebook Messenger App Update for Android in 07.29.2015

Facebook Messenger has made a update recently on the App Store in 07.29.2015 and released a new version for the application. The new update brought more problem about the application. It seems many people are not pleased to with it since we were expecting a faster version. The new release of Facebook Messenger, slow down and freeze phones at the moment. They are also many complaint about that on Google Play at the moment. The good thing is there’s improvement on voice call feature for Facebook Messenger now.

There are various issues with current update at the moment and it seems these issues will give headache to Facebook Messenger Developers. These are the most known problems of new update:

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  • Freeze and slow down phone.
  • Spammy gallery
  • Can’t send & receive messages.
  • Can’t send videos. The application is crushing while you do that.
  • Facebook forcing users to install the app.

There’s a common complaint that the application has broken after this update and people don’t able to share files at the moment. However Facebook has claimed that they will make things faster with this update. We believe that a new update won’t be so far at this situation.

If you are having problem with this update, you can let us know with leaving a review and your own thoughts about the application.

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