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When you buy a phone with new android features, the first thing you should do is install useful and well-rated apps to make the phone more attractive to you. With the Android system, you can access all the unique apps in the Google Play Store, even if you have a specific budget model. So, let us remind you that, regardless of your phone’s model and price, you can access the applications we have reviewed and approved for you below, free of charge, via google play store.

Google Maps

This map app that most of us use and are familiar with is still one of the best map and navigation software available right now. There’s also no denying that Google Maps is being used by more people, allowing its crowdsourced content to continually grow at a clip much faster than any other mapping software. So, whether you’re looking for ridesharing, the nearest bike path, or just want to know how long it takes to walk to the grocery store, Google Maps is most likely the place to look for that information.


If you want to draw and paint on your Android phone, there are many applications you can install, but Sketchbook stands out among others thanks to its design that offers you ease of use. It supports the layers included in the app and allows you to draw more with a wide variety of brushes and pen/pencil tips. Best of all, the app is free and easy to use for all age users.


Tasker is one of the most useful applications in the Android phone system. It has more than 350 different features offered in it, such as turning on the dark mode at certain times of the day or setting up your own automation, such as automatically turning off notifications when you connect to your home wifi after work.

Google Drive

There are many cloud storage options as an application, but the best option that offers storage for Android phones is Google Drive, the cloud storage option offered by Google.This application can be downloaded from google play store on every brand android phone. Drive is easily one of the best apps of all time as it is the most reliable cloud storage service available for Android users.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

With the increase in working from home during the Covid period, meetings began to be held on various platforms. That’s why the ZOOM App has become very popular during this period. The popularity of this application is also because it is free.The application supports up to 100 participants in one-time meetings.

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