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If you would like to chat with Afghan people your Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, HTC or other phones that uses Android, you can give a try to Afghan Chat application for Android. There are some complaints about application and also some praises in Google Play. The overall rating of application users is 4,7 for this application. Users complaints are generally about application doesn’t work on their devices. It has been reported that application doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy 4, Nexus 4.

If we manage to get any other report, we are going to let you know about the situation.  You can download the application from Google Play with searching Afghan Chat.

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Download Afghan Chat Android Application from Google Play

You can download Afghan Chat app from Google play freely. You won’t need to register to the application for begin to chat there. It is free and it s very good to meet people from Afghanistan.

We recommend you to read the latest reviews of the app on Google Play. It will give you more idea how to use the application and some troubles of users with the app.

Features and Requirements

You can download the application freely from Google Play. There are many chat rooms on the application. You can enter one of these chat rooms and pick a username for yourself. You don’t need to register for picking a username. However if you would like a permanent username, there is a registration option for you on the website. You can send and receive private messages from people. You can talk them and you can make new friends from Afghanistan. The application is requiring you to use Android 2.3 at the least or a higher version.

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