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September 4 Update of WhatsApp: “Worst Update Ever”

(howtochatonline) WhatsApp released the new version of the application recently in September 4, 2018. However soon after the September 4 update, the application started to get many complaints. It also got bad reviews on Android. The new version of the application has disappointed many users. Some developers have acknowledge that it was one of the worst update of WhatsApp in its history. We also got many complaints about these issues and got many questions in...

Goodbye Yahoo Messenger!

Yahoo Messenger and ICQ Messenger are the oldest instant messaging programs of the world. Both messengers have a good impact for those who have borned in 70s-80s. They made the internet beautiful for us. MSN Messenger has been released much later after them. We have made many friends with those applications and they were one of the reason that make us love the internet. Now, Yahoo Messenger will no longer work after July 17, 2018....

Problem on Omegle Servers in 04.28.2018

As we have entered the weekend with saturday, Omegle connection error has show up again. Unfortunately many users can't connect to the website at the moment. The error has started at the morning of 04.28.2018. This error has occurred because of Omegle interest servers and you don't have much to do for fix this error at the moment but wait. You can also try remove interests from Omegle and try connect to the chat again....

JioChat Fixed Bug Issues with

One of the most popular Indian video calling applications JioChat has fixed current bug problems with the update recently. The update has took place at 04.26.2018 and JioChat also released new features with this new version. The app got 4.3 overall rating and got many praises from App Store users. However there are complaints about bugs recent by users. What are New with Version of JioChat? Developers of the JioChat have made some cool...

Label Colors Updated on WhatsApp Business Beta

WhatsApp released new features for the beta version of Business application in 04.26.2018. There are two important changes which will help about user experience with this new update. According to WhatsApp, users will able to do following things with the new changes: WhatsApp Business users can now select who receive their away messages on the application. Labels on chat screens and messages will be displayed with the most recently added color. Label Colors Updated on...