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Today, with the development of technology, the use of traditional communication channels has decreased considerably. Many people prefer virtual channels for both academic, personal and professional communication. The number of software programs that serve people in this field is increasing day by day. In this article, we will talk about these channels with you. In order to find out how to chat online, you can use the following digital channels.

Random Chat

The answer to how to chat online question depends on how you want to use the chat tool. Random chat applications, such as Omegle, help people who have a busy business life and cannot socialize because of that, to meet new people. Random chat options also serve as matchmaking tools. There are many features to ensure your security when messaging on such sites. There’s nothing to worry about.


Tinder is one of the options for random chat. With a wide range of users around the world, Tinder requires both 2 people to confirm each other’s profile in order for them to chat. Tinder, which works in a location-centered manner, enables people who use the application to communicate with each other in close proximity. Tinder is a popular dating app used actively since 2012.

OkCupid, just like Tinder, is a matching-oriented app. The message box for out-of-match messaging is limited. However, users that are matched can chat completely free of charge. In this way, the system helps you find the profiles you really enjoy chatting without wasting time.

InstaMessage is one of the random chat applications that focus on location. Thanks to Instamessage, you do not have send a public message directly to the person’s posts. Instead of that, you can text the user directly.

Online Chat

You may want to constantly evaluate new online chat options to use in the business life, to meet your personal communication needs or to meet new people. First of all, the options we offer above are among the online chat options. But if you want to chat with a specific user and your goal of online chat is to communicate for a specific purpose rather than to meet new people, you can also use the following platforms:


Whatsapp is a free chat application where you can register via your phone number. Whatsapp, which is appealing to a wide range of users today, is able to keep the number of users constant thanks to the updated security features. Whatsapp profile can be used online on different devices. This allows you to stay connected to a single device. You can perform video or voice communication via Whatsapp. What’s more, you can have multiple users simultaneously. Whatsapp, which was chargeable for the first time, was offered free of charge due to the high supply it gets. In order to communicate with people via Whatsapp, you should know their telephone number exactly.


Telegram is one of the other platforms where you can take advantage of the online chat options. Telegram, which you can easily use both via web version and mobile application, has a system that allows voice, video and written communication. A telephone number is also required to register with Telegram and is used as a verification tool. Through Telegram, you can also contact people in your phone book who use Telegram. Founded in 2013, Telegram has more than 100 million users and continues to grow every day.

Video Chat

The majority of platforms that allow online chat technologies also offer video chat. Many people are looking for a quality program for long-term video conferences with their family or loved ones. It is possible to perform this operation through the applications listed above such as Whatsapp, Telegram. Alternatively, the following platforms can be used for video chat. Here are a few more applications that can answer the question how to chat online:

The Skype application, which is very popular in the business world and frequently used in this field, has a system that you can use over many different channels. You can use the application online with Skype Web. Compatible with Microsoft software, Skype can also be downloaded directly to a computer or tablet. In this way, it is faster, easier and allows full use of integration. In addition, Skype is available on all smart devices via the mobile application. Skype is a highly developed video chat application. You can make conference calls with multiple people at the same time. Conference calls can be made both as video chat and audio. You don’t have to use a phone number to become a Skype user. It is also possible to use the system via the e-mail address. The phone number will be used as a verification tool. Findom is one of those good opportunities.

Facebook Messenger is a messaging application that you can use through your Facebook profile. To use Facebook Messenger on your phone, you need to download this application separately from Facebook. Because it works through a different application, Messenger has the potential to enable you to have quick and quality messaging. You can make video chat via the system. You can have more than one user in your video chat. Using your Facebook account is the only condition for you to benefit from this application. You will have the opportunity to benefit from the high-quality picture system when you chat with your friends who are attached via Facebook.

Webcam Chat

Almost all of the applications listed above support Webcam Chat. In addition to the above applications, we will try to generate alternative answers to your online question by introducing new applications to you.

Google Hangouts is one of the Google services available through your Google profile. You can communicate with your friends who are registered on Google and perform webcam chat with them while trading on the system. This can be done both on the computer screen and on smaller devices such as phones or tablets. You don’t have to create a record with your phone number to use Google Hangouts. Your Google account and mail will be enough to create a record. However, it is recommended that you define your telephone number in the system in order to provide verification security.

Omegle Alternatives

The majority of the applications listed above can be considered as Omegle alternatives. Because, besides having a quick and high-quality chat, these applications promise a high level of security. This has made applications extremely popular. In addition to the above, we will offer you another online chat application.

Viber Messenger is one of the systems you can use for free as long as you are connected to the internet. You can experience video chat or message chat features via Viber messenger. You can securely communicate with different users registered on the Viber system. It is also possible to share, such as photos, videos, send voice recordings, or perform voice calls. Some of the services provided through the system are chargeable.


The rapid development of technology led to the transformation of internet channels into alternative communication areas. In the past, digital communication was far more expensive than it is now and required more effort. Nowadays, you can use a single online chat account on several devices at the same time and thus provide practical contact management. For more detailed answers to your how to chat online question, see our other articles.

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