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How to Unban from Omegle

omegle unbanIf you are banned from Omegle, you will have to do lots of things to unban. And this situation can be too long. We are going to tell you how to unban from Omegle and how to enter there while you are banned. It will be easy for you to chat on Omegle again but you should follow a few steps for do that first. Firstly you need to send an apology message to site moderators with a feedback, you should try some other ways and etc. Let’s tell you how to unban from the site.

You got an error this message from Omegle?
“Your computer/network is banned for possible bad behavior. You can still use Omegle, but only the unmonitored section. You must be 18 or older. (If you didn’t do anything wrong, sorry! Mistakes happen sometimes. Your ban won’t last forever.)”

“You have been banned from Omegle due to possible terms of service violations by you, or someone else using your computer or network.”

How will you fix it? How to get unbanned from Omegle?

Send a Feedback to Omegle

If you want to unban from this site, you should connect to site first and demand to unban from Omegle staff. You are going to see a feedback stuff at the bottom of the page. Leave your e-mail here and tell them what you have done and why did you banned from site. Ask them to unban you again and apologize for your mistake. They are going to answer you soon. They generally forgive people who has banned from the site. So you can begin to chat again in the site.

You have sent a feedback and you didn’t get any reply nor no one unbanned you from Omegle. So what should you do?

Try to Connect with Proxy IP

You can still try to connect to site with Proxy IP. You may find many Proxy address from Hide my Ass. Take ports and IP adresses from Proxy list and try to connect to site. If you don’t know how to connect to Omegle with Proxy, we are going to tell you about that sooner.

If you don’t want to have trouble with proxy stuffs, there’s still an easier way.

Proxy Sites

Well it’s the most easy option for those who doesn’t understand computer stuffs. Just make a search on Google as Kproxy and hidemyass and connect to sites with these proxy services. I don’t guarantee that these services will work for you. You can find here good proxy sites for Omegle ban.

VPN Service

It’s the another good service for join to Omegle. Hotspotshield provides a good VPN service. However it’s limited and there are many ads on free version of Hotspot Shield. We recommend you to use Ultrasurf. Ultrasurf completely free and doing same job with Hotspot Shield. I believe it will be better for you to use that Ultrasurf service.

DNS Change

Try to change DNS of your connection but don’t expect much from that.

We recommend you to try Ultrasurf, Proxy Sites and Proxy Ip to enter Omegle while you are banned. All the same we recommed you to write feedback.


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  1. Mykie

    Okay so I was on the tablet version and just telling people to kik my friend cuz I was playing a prank on her so I was having people kik her anyways I eventually got some screen up that made me type in numbers or letters and then let me connect to someone, after a couple times it just said that there was a technicial error and it can’t load omegle it dosmt say I’m banned it just says technical error, it even says it on the computer version, I don’t know if I did anything wrong and I’m blocked????help me please

  2. Hoko

    Ok, I don’t even know what I did wrong. All I did was talk to someone then I saw a girl and like moved my head? How is that bad?! This is stupid.

  3. Laurana McInes

    You need to make something for Chatroulette SMS Verification too.

  4. T_Montana

    Hi. There is a very simply trick to unban omegle profile. It’s here: howtounbanomegle com
    Good luck :)

  5. kumar

    im soo sorry pls unndanned me from omegle…..:(

  6. Noel

    i just press next fast for the boaring people, i had no idea that was wrong, sorry for my mistake :(

  7. Zack

    Help i was banned from omegle for changing my shirt idk how to fix it help me please!!

  8. Zack

    Hello, i’m Zack, and i was recently banned from omegle, and i was wondering how to get unbanned. I got banned because i was just talking to random strangers when i had to change my shirt for like 3 seconds and i got banned. When i got banned it sent me to a site and i was pretty much scarred. I just wanna go on omegle and talk to other minecraft people and even mess around with a storm trooper helmet and some headphones. haha. well i would love it if you unbanned me from this site. I am sure i did nothing wrong.

  9. Gustav

    I cant do anything not video chat or text please tell me what to do to fix it

  10. katty syam

    please unbanned me from omegle it happens again and again, sir please……………

  11. katty syam

    please unbanned me from omegle,i have done nothing to banned me from omegle.

  12. mark

    Hello i was recently banned but i didnt do anything wrong. Can you please unban me so i can get back chatting with my friends.

  13. abhishek

    i am getting banned again and again !!!!!!

  14. riley

    Can you please unban me? I did nothing wrong, can you fix it?

  15. riley

    Please, unbanned me from Omegle. I did nothing wrong. Please.

  16. abhishek

    I didn’t do anything inspite of that.
    I am getting ban every time !!!!!
    Plz remove my ban !!!!
    Keep me unban.

  17. Mariana Qvik

    Can you please get unbanned me from site?

  18. abhishek

    Please remove my ban.

  19. Sverir Sigurdson

    I didn’t do anything wrong. When will I get unbanned?

  20. cory

    I’m sorry that was my cousin that got me banned. Please unban me, it will never happen again.

  21. abhishek

    plz help me to unban from omegle….. i did not anything wrong


    i apologized for my bad behaviour, plz unban me from omegle.

  23. abhishek

    plz unban me from omegle… i apologized for my misbehaviour.

  24. avinash

    i apologized for my misbehaviour… plz unban me from omegle

  25. afisss

    i am banned from omegle, so sorry sir for my misbehaviour, i won’t repeat it , plz fix it

  26. imran aslam

    i have a problem to coonect with omegle..please unbann me.

  27. Chigozie Echiéjilé

    I am from Nigeria and I got banned from Omegle can you help me for unban?

  28. Ante Pasalic

    Der sir,

    My name is Ante Pasalic and I haven’t done anything wrong. Please unban me.

  29. Alfons Dalem


    I am from Bruxelles. Me and my 4 friends from Bruxelles can’t enter to Omegle. Why is that?

  30. Waheed Amiri

    I couldn’t get unban yet. I have sent feedback. I think I should try out other steps.

  31. Garry Stan


    I have problem with unban. Anyone can help me?

  32. Oleg Laizans

    I finally got unban from Omegle with send feedback to Omegle staff. I don’t know why did they ban me but it worked guys. Thanks!

  33. Ike Gallagher

    It was a big deal for me to get unban rally. But you helped me alot. Thanks.

  34. Marcus Decimus

    I have applied via feedback and they didn’t say anything yet.

  35. Frank Meisterou

    Unban from Omegle is a big problem. I am using Chatroulette anymore.

  36. Edward Maxwell

    I have banned from Omegle and I have done what you have said here. Thank you Omegle staff unbanned me with your tips.

  37. Laurana McInes

    I didn’t get a ban yet but I know how to unban :D

  38. riburber

    Your tips are amazing, I can enter Omegle again after I send feedback. You should be master at unban from Omegle?

  39. dsaey

    Yay! I can enter with proxy sites to Omegle!

  40. aleCh

    I think ultrasurf got banned from Omegle

  41. erseysche

    I will owe you man! You have done a great job. I went back to Omegle.

  42. Laurana McInes

    Please reset your internet connection, clean cookies from your browser and reconnect to Omegle.

  43. koko

    hi . site moderators i got an error this message from Omegle “Your computer/network is banned for possible bad behavior. You can still use Omegle, but only the unmonitored section. You must be 18 or older. (If you didn’t do anything wrong, sorry! Mistakes happen sometimes. Your ban won’t last forever.)” so sorryyyyyyy anyway can you fix it plz plz

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