Jul 26

What to Do if Recorded on Omegle

what to do if recorded on omegleIf you are using on Omegle very often and if someone didn’t record you yet, please take a look at our guideline about how to prevent of recorded on the site. If you are already recorded, there’s not much to do against it but there are still some effective ways to fight against it. I am going to mention about a few ways about how to find recorded videos and what can you do against it legally. It’s very important if there are criminal issues with the recorded video. (Even threatening someone or an organization is a crime on some countries and states) So what to do?

Firstly, if you think that, the recorded video may harm your privacy and security, recorder (The person who has recorded you) has commited a crime. So I hope that you have asked that some questions like where’s he from, which city he lives, etc. If you didn’t ask, we hope that you haven’t reset your internet connection from router. Go to Google and search “What is My IP” and get your IP address. Don’t worry about your IP if you are already using dedicated connection. Write down it. Every connections are logged by Omegle. So it can be found easily who you have talked (even if he ever used proxy or VPN services) while you recorded. If you inform the situation to State Police or FBI. They will take care of him very soon. However if recorder is living abroad, the process will take longer. (Depends on situation. Eg: If you are younger than 18 year-old and if you harrassed by recorder, that can even be internation crimes sometimes)

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Jul 25

Omegle Arrests on USA and Canada

There are several arrests on Omegle because of different kind of crimes on USA and Canada. The thing you do and what you say is very important on chat sites. May be FBI or Police may accuse your because of some crimes. There are many different and strange arrest stories on Omegle. One of these arrests has happened on New Mexico, USA.

Zachary Milton Hess is one of people who has arrested because of the things he said on Omegle. He was talking with someone from England and he told UK stranger that he will shoot his university campus very soon. The person he spoke screenshot what he said and send it to the New Mexico University. Zachary has arrested by FBI soon after that.

George Smith is another person who has arrested because of the things he has done with help of Omegle. George Smith was meeting with boys who are younger than 18 years old on Omegle and then he was meeting them in real life too. He was forcing them for relationship.

Adam M. Simpson is also arrested because of recording children videos from Omegle. There are more than this but we don’t want to mention much more about situation since it’s quite disgusting.

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Jul 21

Omegle App for Symbian and Alternatives

omegle symbianWould you like to meet strangers with your Nokia or Symbian device? Unfortunately there’s no Omegle App for these devices but there’s still some alternatives for you. We are going to introduce these alternatives for you on here and you will have a chance to meet stranger with your mobile. If you would like to meet people from different countries and make new friends, you can download our suggested applications and meet people from anywhere you want.


WeChat is a free application for Symbian and you can meet people from different countries of the world with this application. You are generally meet people from Asia on WeChat. You can download this application from Opera Mobile Store of Symbian.


Eskimi is another good application for meet with strangers. However it’s not a random chat platform. It’s a dating chat platform with many good features. It’s free to use application and you need to register to have an account on Eskimi. It’s a reliable and safe service. You can download it from Opera Mobile Store freely. There are more than 20 million active people who have Eskimi account. The applications is also available for Android too.

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Jul 20

When Does Omegle Ban End

omegle ban timeThere are many online users on omegle and there are hundreds of people that get banned from the site. If you are curious about when your Omegle ban end, there’s a few things do about that. We are going to tell you how to figure out that period and how to unban from the site faster. So it will be easier for you to get unban or learn how much days you won’t able to join to the site. Generally ban reasons are because of you don’t care about terms of the site. If you have really done it and get banned from the site, it will be better for you to send a feedback to Omegle and promise to staff that you won’t do what you have done again.

You can also learn about date of your ban removal from the staff with a feedback. They have a right to ban your IP forever. So try to speak them kindly while you are speaking them and be nice against them. It will help you to get unban from faster.

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Jul 20

Omegle Buttons Are Not Working

omegle button error how to fixSometimes there are errors ocurring on Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari while you want to chat on Omegle. One of these errors is about Omegle buttons. If you think that you are facing with same problem. We will give you some instructions on here. So you will able to fix the problem. There are various reason that button doesn’t appear in your screen. This can be because of Adblock programs and extensions, it can be about your camera settings, your cookies etc. If you don’t able to fix your problem with our solutions, you can comment this page and let us know about your situation. We will try to give other options for solutions.

You can also contact to Omegle staff and get better solution from them. If you don’t know how to send a feedback to the staff, you can click here to learn more about how to do that. You can also get information about how to unban from thee site with contacting staff on that page. Let’s talk about buttons and how to resolve this problem. If you are lucky enough, you will able to fix the problem in seconds.

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Jul 20

World Chat Online: All in One Random Chat Site of the World

worldchatonline girls chatWorld Chat Online is a quality chat site where you can meet people on random chat platforms. The site is including various kind of chat types inside. You will able to connect these sites randomly if you want… You can connect to the site with searching “worldchatonline” on Google Search. You can connect many chat platforms from the main page of the site. We are going to introduce every feature of the site on this page for you. So you will able to make friends from different countries of the world or you will able to meet people from any country you want. You will enjoy while you are chatting on the site. The site design is really quite poor but you will be surprised after you see what site offer to you. If you don’t want to connect random chat platforms, you shouldn’t click on blue button of the site. It will be better if you use local links on home page. Because you will able to connect to any chat platform you want with categories on home page. So it will keep you away from unwanted chat platforms. You don’t need to register to the site and you don’t need to pay for it.

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Jul 19

Chatous for iPhone

chatous on iphone video chatChatous iPhone has became one of the most popular random chat platforms on whole on the world. If you would like to install a random chat platform for your iPhone, it will be one of the best options for your phone. You can install it your phone in seconds and you can make friends from whole around the world. The application is free at all and you won’t need to register it. If you would like to make friends with similar interests, you are going to find what you want with this application. You need to be 18 years old at the least if you would like to use this service.

You can share your videos, pictures and audios with this app. You don’t have to pay for these services too. It’s 100 percent free. If you want to get an account from the site, you will able to do that too. We have already introduced web platform of Chatous for you. You are going to have same features with web platform on your iPhone. However there’s no video chat service of the site on iOS yet. You can also use this service for iPad and iPod Touch. We recommend you to register to the site if you want a permanent username.
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Jul 19

Bosnian Girl Profiles on Facebook

bosnian girls on facebookIf you would like to meet males or females from Bosnia, you are going to meet them with our tips easily. If you would like to make friends from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Zenica, Bijeljina and Mostar with How to Chat Online tips. If you would like to meet with people from this country, we recommend you to try that on Facebook. You can still meet people on some sites like Chatroulette or Omegle. Howevever these are random chat sites and you will not meet people from a specific part of the world. You can meet people who are living on Asia, Europe, South America and Asia. However you can meet people from anywhere of the world on Facebook. It’s not going to be very hard for you.

Before we tell you how to do that, we recommend you to take a look at our facebook female finder guideline first. You are going to get some detailed info on how to get girl profiles with your Facebook account on this site. After you watch or read our guideline about that, than you are ready to seek for girls from Bosnia! Let’s begin to talk about that how to do that! Good luck!
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Jul 15

Top 10 Online Chat Sites of 2015

Top 10 Online Chat Sites1-) Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is one of the most popular online chat sites on Internet. It’s the first site that you can meet when you search “chat” on Google. There are many kind of chat rooms on the site for teens, kids, general and other mature stuffs. If you would like to meet people from United States, United Kingdom, India, Netherlands or Italy, we recommend this chat site for you. Registration is not required for join to the site. The site takes first place in our Top 10 listing with features they provide their users. There are many online users on the site at any time of the day.


2-) E-Chat

E-Chat is taking second place in our listing. You can meet people from Sweden, India, United States and United Kingdom on E-Chat. It’s ranking 100k in Alexa rankings. Registration is not required on the site. You can chat with people online and you can meet new friends from the countries which we mentioned on above. If you want a permanent username from the site, there’s still an option for sign up. The site is chat room based. There are rooms for role play, flirt, teens, and general. You can see pictures of users on the site and easily can figure out their genders.

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Jul 13

Websites That You Can Create Free Group Chat

Group chat sites are very popular internet for private conversations. You can create your own chat too. These are known services which allows you to have such a service on internet:

1-) HipChat

You can create two kind of services on HipChat and you can also add a chat to your website if you are owning one. There’s two pricing plan in HipChat. One of these plans is free and the other is very cheap (5 dollars monthly). A registration required for using this platform.
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